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Puerto Rico Business Lawyer

Puerto Rico labor employment & labor legislation adds another layer of complexity to the already challenging employment & labor legislation at the federal level. Employers in Puerto Rico must be aware of the particulars of these laws and how they impact their businesses.

The lack of proper personnel management policies in compliance with the applicable legislation can be harmful for the enterprise, carrying the imposition of civil fines and criminal penalties.

We center our services in small and medium businesses. Our more than 12 years of experience working in the complex and dynamic field of human resources allows us to understand the challenges these employers face in dealing with this laws.

We offer consulting services aim to correct the business practices and compliance in areas related to federal & state laws:

  • Federal Employment & Labor Legislation
  • State Employment & Labor Legislation
  • Regulation No. 13 for Non – Exempt employees
  • Wage & Hours
  • Overtime
  • Vacation, Sick & Other Employee Leaves
  • Flextime
  • Dismissal Act “Ley 80” (P.R. Act No. 80 of May 30, 1976, 29 LPRA §185 et seq.)
  • Anti-discrimination Laws
  • Human Resources practices and policies


Legal orientation to individuals in civil matters related to Family Law, Heirs Law, Labor Law, Torts & Personal Injury. If agreed, your case may be referred to our Of-Counsel team, comprise of licensed lawyers physically present in Puerto Rico.